The creative and session fee (plus any applicable taxes, travel fees, or location fees) is due at time of signing the contract agreement. This is a NON-REFUNDABLE RETAINER. In the event of cancellation by the CLIENT, the retainer paid is non-refundable. The CLIENT shall liquidate it for damages to BIG HAPPY WALL in the event of a cancellation, or breach of contract. The CLIENT shall also be responsible for payment of any BIG HAPPY WALL materials/charges incurred up to time of cancellation. The retainer represents the total cost of the service to be rendered, excluding any additional print or digital file purchases beyond that which is included in the package. 


The photographs produced by BIG HAPPY WALL are protected by Federal Copyright Law and may not be reproduced in any manner without BIG HAPPY WALL’s explicitly written permission. Upon purchase by the client of prints or a disk of digital art files, the client has limited copyright ownership of the resulting images, which may be used only for personal use. Prints may not be copied, or reprinted without express permission of BIG HAPPY WALL. A Print Release, enabling the CLIENT to obtain prints and other products from any vendor they choose, will accompany disks of digital art files. The first replacement copy of the Print Release will be provided upon request at no charge; subsequent replacements will incur a $15 replacement fee. The Client must obtain written permission from, and compensate BIG HAPPY WALL prior to the CLIENT, or its friends/relatives publishing or selling the images for profit. 


In the unlikely event that the photographer is injured or becomes too ill, or has an extreme emergency that prevents him from photographing the event, BIG HAPPY WALL will make every effort to reschedule the event. If for whatever reason this is not possible, responsibility and liability is limited to the return of all payments received for the package purchased. BIG HAPPY WALL takes the utmost care with respect to exposure, transportation, and processing the photographs. However, in the unlikely event that photographs have been lost, stolen, or destroyed for reasons within or beyond BIG HAPPY WALL's control, BIG HAPPY WALL liability is limited to the return of all payments received for the portrait package.