I've Got a Chip on My Shoulder

I was chatting with a friend today and realized that my pregnancy days, while far behind me now, were just chock full of all kinds of hilarious stories. Here's one just to give you a little chuckle (or maybe a full-on belly laugh). To those who know me, it's no secret that I like to razz Sean a bit about being a messy eater. I swear that guy could make crumbs from cooked spaghetti. And he's never met a red drink that he can safely transport even 6 inches without spillage. For years I've poked fun and he just patiently waited. But when I got pregnant with the iToddler, the tables turned. Sean was the neat one and I was a hot mess. Stuff everywhere. This one needed a drop cloth under her at. all. times.

When I was about this pregnant...

I was at work, munching on a bag of potato chips. Probably salt and vinegar, despite the fact that I could have floated to Singapore on my inflatable feet. I continue to munch and work, work and munch, talk on the phone, answer emails, etc., ad nauseum.

About 3 or 4 hours later, I looked over my shoulder for something and saw a perfect, unbroken potato chip, sitting delicately on my shoulder. Had it been there the whole time? And for crying out loud,

HOW did an entire potato chip sit there for THAT long?

I was enormously pregnant. Surely I had gone to the bathroom in the period of time. Waddling. And still it stayed, perfectly perched, just waiting to be discovered.

A couple hours later, it was time for me to catch the bus. I waddled uncomfortably down to the bus stop and as I was waiting for my ride, my tummy started to itch. I reached down and hiked my shirts (yes, I always layered) up, only to find AN ENTIRE POTATO CHIP firmly stuck to my bulging belly.

Please, pray tell, HOW?


did an entire potato chip find its way under not one, but TWO shirts? and how had I not noticed it???

:: sigh ::

I've got a million of these stories. Just you wait. And I have no pride about sharing. ;)

Eat! Move! Play! ... and the winner is ...

A Most Happy Day

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