Why I Chose: A "Thirty-One" Party

A few weeks ago, I went to my very first Thirty-One open house and got to see first-hand how cool and unique the products are. I fell in love with a whole slew of products, but only bought a few things at the time. Then I decided to book my own! That way, I could share my favorite products with my favorite blog readers (that's you!), and I could get some of the goodies I still have my eye on, using my host rewards. If you're looking for some really fun, personalized and versatile holiday gifts, take a look at my Thirty-One catalog (website) party. There's something for everyone in there...even that family member who's absolutely impossible to buy for every single year.

Take a look at a few of my favorites here (this list is by no means exhaustive):

(and keep in mind that the personalization options on many of these products are ENDLESS: 28 fabric patterns, 7 kids' prints, 26 embroidery colors and 8 embroidery styles)

Hands-down my favorite. Right now this is a catch-all for mail in our living room and it's amazing how much it's helped to turn our clutter into an elegant piece of room decor. I, NEED, about 4 more of these.

How awesome is this? You can't tell from this tiny picture, but in person it's clear that this is the PERFECT shopping companion for Sam's Club or Cosco. Also great for overnights at Grammie's, or for transporting your famous mac and cheese, pretzel rolls and sweet potato pie to the in-laws for Christmas dinner. It's huge and sturdy and you can personalize it (or not) with a million and one options.

Rubber Key Chain :: It's just cute. Don't you agree? I need this on my keychain. NOTE: this little sweetie is currently on backorder. You can still get one, but it won't arrive by Christmas.

Thermal Zipper Tote :: Best lunchbag ever. And a ton of fabric options. So cute!

Organizing Utility Tote :: I got this one for a song at the last party I went to (guest special!) and am loving it. It'[s absolutely perfect for catching all of the iToddler's things in the car. A couple of jackets, shoes, books, a sippy cup or six, Brobee from Yo Gabba Gabba...they all fit neatly in this great little tote and help keep my car nice and neat (first time in 15 months!).

Lil' Expressions Tote :: Oh Em Gee. Do I even need to say how AWESOME a gift this would be for the grandma or grandpa in your life? Exactly like the LL Bean totes but WAY cuter!

Look at all the cute options for that tote!

About Town Blanket :: I need this. NEED it. What a great idea...roll it up, fasten with Velcro and toss it in your car. Ready to go for any picnic, playdate or impromptu fort-making activity.

Retro Metro Bag :: This picture does NOT do this bag justice. It's awesome. Made of a soft cotton canvas, the pattern with navy dots is the perfect casual bag for shopping trips and bumming around.

So are you convinced yet? You just need to go check it out. The pictures on my ordering site don't do the products justice, so here's what I recommend:

  1. First go check out the catalog and gift guide here.
  2. Then, once you know what you'd like to get and give, go here to place your order.
  3. Easy peasy!

And because I love you tremendously, every order of $31 or more gets a free Zipper Pouch in your choice of 5 patterns.

So there you have it, holiday shopping without ever stepping foot into a store. How great is that? Go check out the catalogs now and place your order by November 22 to assure holiday delivery.

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