Weighing In: When Life Gets Crazy

I promised pictures, but I don't have any to share in this post. Why? Well things have been busy...downright chaotic, actually, in this household. Sean works in retail management and had his annual inventory this week. Of course last week was munchkin's first birthday and we had lots of family in from out of town. Tomorrow I have to take a day trip to Philly on business — nothing like seeing the same airports twice in one day.

How does that relate to pictures? Well frankly, we haven't been home much and I've barely seen Sean in about two weeks. So I got nada.

Anyway, I was sitting here, trying to prepare for my dirt-early flight and thinking that I needed to get at least a quick Weighing In post out there, even if I had to follow up later with more details (and yes, pictures), and wondering...what's my angle for the week?

Then it hit me.

How to stay on track when life gets chaotic.

Now there's something I can speak about this week. And you know why? Because I lost 1.2 pounds last week, even while planning a birthday party and eating out and doing a ridiculous amount of grazing. Sean lost a pound too, even though he made the decision to call every cookie he ate last weekend "1 point cookies" (they were very clearly NOT 1 point, but hey, I'll leave that up to him to self-justify).

In all, I am down nearly 10 pounds, and Sean is down 11. Holla!

So how did we manage to stay on track, even when things seemed out-of-control busy? Here are a few tips from our tried-and-true arsenal:

  • Stop making excuses. Frankly, journaling your food takes less than a minute per meal. No online access? Jot it on a piece of paper and record it later.
  • Take a deep breath and drink a glass of water before looking at the menu. When you've been running around all day and you feel famished when you arrive at Applebee's, before you even pick up that menu, stop. Breathe. Take a moment to settle down and then drink a big glass of water. Sure you're hungry, but dehydration can compound those feelings.
  • Keep a Weekly Points tally tucked in the back of your head. So if you want to eat a little more, you'll always be cognizant of the impact on your bottom line.
  • Remember the goal. Just stop and think. Remember all the hard work you've put in so far and ask yourself if it's worth it to have that double cheeseburger. Maybe it is. Maybe you know there's leftover birthday cake you'd rather have at home, so you opt instead for a salad. There are no wrong answers here, just remember to use your most powerful tool...your brain. Don't let the crazy pace of the day prevent you from thinking clearly.
  • Don't eat what you can't identify. After a few weeks on the Weight Watchers program, we have a pretty good handle on how many Points different foods come in at. So when things get crazy and we're eating out a lot, we take the extra time to evaluate the foods' ingredients and make an educated guess on the total value. And if we have no idea what's in it, it stays right where it belongs...on the menu and not on our plates.
  • Finally, eat the cake! A piece of birthday cake (3" square) is roughly 7 points. It's not a dealbreaker. Eat the cake. Go to Dairy Queen. A kids cone is 3 points. A small cone is 5, medium is 7. Those new mini Blizzards...8. There is no good reason to deprive yourself, but I can give you a dozen reasons not to. But choose wisely and keep your head on so that in the end you can enjoy both a little sugar kick AND decreasing numbers on weigh-in day.

So there you have it, our little tips and tricks to surviving (and even losing) while surrounded by whipped cream and frosting.

Next time, I will post some progress pictures. I'll see Sean on Friday and we can take them then. And let me tell you...I was checking myself out in the mirror at the Y this week, and I am likin' what I'm seein'.

Just sayin'.

Till the next time, stay healthy, peeps!

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