Weighing In: why PNC is responsible for my muffintop

Halloween candy is pure evil.Halloween candy + cold, dreary weather is the devil. Halloween candy + cold, dreary weather + party food is the apocalypse.

I gained three pounds and a brand new muffintop last week. To celebrate, I ate 2 "fun-sized" 100 grand bars. For breakfast.

I've been deliberating on whether or not to cancel my Y membership. Lord knows I haven't been over there since stinkin' PNC and the dang-blamed lawyers in my building started their wicked plan to take over the entire block with their staged construction "projects" in an effort to make sure I never, ever leave my building again.

It's a grand conspiracy against me and my stretchmarks.

We could save that money for, you know...anything else...but I just know the minute I cancel my membership, I'll suddenly be dramatically transformed back into a motivated mamacita and the construction will magically vanish into the thin Pittsburgh air.

So while I'm deciding, I'll just let the money continue to pour out of my bank account and directly into the capable pockets of the PNC YMCA. Hmmm, do you think it's a coincidence that my expensive gym is named for my bank? Let's think this through, shall we?

- IF my gym is named for my bank, - AND my gym is overpriced, - AND my bank has half the entire city (or at least my block) under construction, and is making it impossible to easily get to the gym...

it's easy to figure out the rest of the equation here, folks.

PNC Bank is responsible for my muffintop.

Anyone else trying to pin blame on anyone but themselves? This whole changing seasons thing is making me fat and blameshifty (yes, it's a word).

I think we need another challenge (you ARE still drinking your 8 glasses of water, right?). How about this: 4 days a week of a minimum of 45 minutes of exercise. Who's in?


* The fine print: My online membership is sponsored by Weight Watchers, but I can assure you that I would be on the program regardless. This little muffintop needs it. However, you should know they are wonderfully fine people who believe in my ability to impact and influence others through my journey, so they graciously provide my membership at no cost.

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