Weighing In: Thinking Outside the Box

Somehow, someway, after a week of just about total schedule irregularity and household chaos, I managed to lose another .8 pounds. It's a little victory and I am not about to complain. Especially not after a work dinner, two birthdays and out-of-town travel to a wedding. It was the perfect storm week and I ended up with a  rainbow.


I'm really getting the hang of Weight Watchers and am embracing both the losses and the gains. After all, they can't all be perfect weigh-ins. It's working for me so far, and I've been excited to talk to others who have joined or been otherwise inspired by our journey.

Sean's been having a much different experience. It's tough on him. He's not completely happy with his current weight, but is also not really feeling motivated enough to add a level of discipline to his eating habits. I've worked hard to prepare meals that fall within his daily points, but it's still not working for him.

So I got to thinking...for a lot of people (maybe even most people) who are making major eating habit overhauls, it's a pretty big shock to go from doing whatever you want to being disciplined, seemingly overnight. How do you just "get" discipline? Isn't that a learned trait? So why is it expected that everyone will just be able to flip a switch and have it.

Especially in America, where food is the center of everything, and our convenient options aren't ever the healthy ones.

Sean and I chatted about it and we are going to do a little experiment in learning food discipline. He's going to make mini goals — like 5 pounds at a time. And once he hits a 5-pound mini-goal, he'll readjust his points for a week to just maintain. That will give him a little break, a few more points to play with, a breather before the next 5-pound goal kicks off.

My suspicion is this: after a couple mini-goals, a couple of things will happen:

  • Discipline will come more easily and the breaks may not be necessary anymore, and
  • Success will breed renewed motivation.

I don't know if it really will, but it's worth a shot.

How about you? Have you run into any stumbling blocks in your own weight loss journey that has required you to do a little rethinking? I'd love to hear how you've overcome a lack of motivation.

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