Weighing In: Silly Jen, Vacation is Not Your Enemy

We are on vacation. Sean, me, the iToddler, my parents, Sean's parents and some friends of ours, all in a big ole beach house in Waves, NC. It's beautiful and relaxing and hot and perfect. And it's chock full of snack food. Goldfish crackers, graham crackers, hunks of cheese, Oreos, some random My Little Pony fruit snacks, Veggies Straws, donuts, muffins...

Oh my!



I need to confess, I was projecting quite a bit of hypocritical energy around. Poor Sean was getting all sorts of snooty sideways glances as he grabbed a cookie from the pantry. Or munched on crackers. Or enjoyed a couple of Woodchucks. I lectured and nagged (I know, horrible) and acted all holier-than-though as I stocked up on celery and apples at the grocery store for healthy snacks.

Crazy lady. Crazy crazy lady.

I so desperately wanted to stay on track and not put our Weight Watchers journey on hold this week, but eating out, I wanted to enjoy the local hush puppies.

And when Sean came home with famous Orange Blossom Cafe donuts, I wanted one two. And that celery in the fridge. Um's still there...unopened.

I'm a big fat hypocrite.

But it's okay. No worries. Sean and I still did our weigh-in this Tuesday (yes, we brought our scale to the Outer Banks...impressed?), because it was weigh-in day, whether in Pittsburgh or at the beach. So after 3 days of grazing mindlessly and indulging in coastal yums, the scale hit the beach house floor and we took turns holding our breath and thinking light thoughts.

How in the world I managed to lose .2 pounds I will never understand, except to say that all of the splashing and beach combing and chasing my toddlergirl helped to keep thing a little more under control. Sean basically had a flat week with a gain of .1 pound. So all in all, we started out the week happy.

And I had to tuck my tail between my legs and admit—hey, vacation isn't the attitude is.

So with that (and with very few pictures since my SD card reader bit it in a tragic laptop-dropping incident earlier this week), I offer my new philosophy on vacations and Weight Watchers:

For our family, part of vacation is enjoying local cuisine and just relaxing. Sometimes this means letting your guard down. But even if I snack more or make different choices, my eating patterns are still enormously different than they were this time last year. Or even last season. Or even last month. One week of relaxing the rules a bit doesn't mean our lifestyle is on hold or that we've blown it or that we don't care.

So we weigh-in and we record what we can.

And we eat the hushpuppies and donuts (because food is for enjoyment as much as it is for nourishment).

And we rock our bathing suits (because you don't have to be built like a model to strut like one).

And we get back on schedule once we can be on control of the food that is in our own house.

We'll be back regularly next week, once we get back in town and back to a regular schedule. Until then, stay healthy peeps!

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