Weighing In: Everybody Survived

Yesterday marked the end of Sean's week one on the Weight Watchers for Men program, and the end of our first week on the program together.

We survived. Nobody got hurt.
This is significant.

See, Sean is a 215-pound guy (well, WAS), and I am a 143-pound woman. Because of the obvious differences, the fine statisticians and dietitians at WW felt it was appropriate to create a calculation that grants us very different amounts of daily POINTS.

So Sean has 36 a day.

And I have 25.

Every single day last week, Sean would come home and ask, "What's for dinner? I have 18 POINTS left and am hungry...make it something big!" And I, having come home from a day full of stress eating, whimper, "I have 4."

:: sigh ::

He lured me to Dairy Queen not once, but twice. I enjoyed a kids' cone while he slurped down a medium Reese's Blizzard. And I only freaked out on him a few times.

In my defense, he was rubbing it in. And his Blizzard looked SO. GOOD.

Halfway through the week, I was really doubting if this whole husband-wife weight loss adventure was such a good idea. But we survived, and we both lost!

That's right. Sean was down over 6 pounds after the first week, and I sweet-talked the scale into cutting me a break this week, so it inched down 0.6 pounds.

Even better, I retook my measurements from two weeks ago, and was down all over. So it was a great week. Slow and steady wins the race...and fits into a new swimsuit.

Another wonderful thing came out of our partnership last week. We worked together to come up with some new meals that we both enjoyed and were great fits for the WW program. I don't have any photos to share with you, but here are some delicious ways to fill up, without breaking your POINTS budget.


Two eggs = 4 POINTS, but one egg and two egg whites scrambled with a smidge of 2% milk makes a beautiful mound of breakfast goodness. Add 3 slices of precooked bacon (which are smaller, thinner slices than regular bacon), and an Arnold Sandwich Thin, and you've got a hearty, filling breakfast for 5 POINTS. 


Shrimp really delivers on WW. At one POINT per ounce, you can get a crazy wonderful amount for just a small amount. We buy big bags of frozen shrimp at Sam's Club and it will make three meals. At $12 a bag, that's not too shabby.

Last night, I sauteed up 8 ounces of shrimp with some chopped spinach, a tiny bit of olive oil and Penzey's Greek seasoning. Then I added two wedges of cubed Laughing Cow cheese and stirred until it melted, Topped with a sprinkle of fat-free feta and it made for one extremely yummy (and surprisingly filling) meal. Since Sean had 112 POINTS left for the day, I served his over a serving of Dreamfields pasta.

My meal was 5 1/2 POINTS and the pasta added 3 for Sean. Not. Too. Shabby.


Mmmmmmm grilled peaches. 'Nuff said.

Well, it would be enough said, but I bet you want the recipe.

Fine. Take 2 peaches, cut in half with the pits removed. Take a tiny bit of canola oil and brush on the cut sides of the fruit. Grill them on a medium to high-heat grill for a few minutes, or until you see grill marks. Now brush the other side with oil, flip, and sprinkle a mixture of brown sugar and cinnamon on the cut sides. Continue to grill until the peaches are soft and the topping has melted.

Top however you like, but we ate them just like this and were only out 2 POINTS. Can you believe it? 

So there you have it, a very successful week. We're still loving the program and are excited to see how this week goes. I'm reading new WW book Eat! Move! Play! right now as well, and will definitely be sharing that with you soon.

And pictures. Next time there will be pictures.


Till the next time, stay healthy, peeps!

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