Weighing In: Crashing Under Chaos

I promised a bathing suit shot, and here it is. As much as I wanted to go with one more angled and concealing, I've decided to buck up and give the full-on, real-deal view.

{ big deep breath }

here it is, as promised. the bathing suit shot. aaaahhhh!

We've been back from our beach vacation for about a week now, and I had so been looking forward to settling in to some food normalcy, but when we arrived home, we learned that our floor refinishing project that was supposed to be completed while we were gone, was going to take a couple extra weeks because of the humidity here in Pittsburgh while we were gone. So about 1/3 of the first-floor furniture is still crammed into my kitchen, leaving me without access to the dishwasher, some cabinets and about half of my counter space.

i know it's not Weight Watchers related, but aren't they lovely?

and here's the current state of my kitchen. that's a tv stand and a cedar chest in the center of a small, galley-style space. what you can't see is a huge dvd cabinet and a grandfather clock. and oh yes, that's my child and the dog eating from the same dish.

It's downright HARD to stay on track when things around you are in chaos, especially for those of us who are self-confessed stress eaters. And no matter how much I am determined to stay on track, I always seem to trip up in times like these.

The great news is that at least this house isn't filled with the same kinds of things we had in our car and our beach house for vacation.

Consider the cracker. A negligible offense. Now consider a Sam's Club-sized megabox of goldfish crackers, followed by a ginormous bag of animal crackers, and now you have vacation weight gain.

Three pounds of vacation weight gain.

Yep. I'm not gonna lie. There is no longer a "3" occupying the second digit on my scale, but I'm not shedding any tears. We had a good time, and I was expecting a gain.

And even though I have very limited access to my kitchen and am suffering from home improvement fatigue (which leaves me wanting to eat out far more than cook healthy meals at home), this week has still been better than last week. And that most certainly should count for something.

Something else that occurred to me while on vacation. Even though I ate dessert pretty much every day, and ate out, and had cookies for breakfast, it could have been so much worse! Basically, I was still eating better than pre-Weight Watchers Jen, and I was crazy active the whole time...swimming, beach combing, splashing in the ocean, chasing a crazy toddler, sightseeing.

family fun in the outer banks

If all of that equals +3 pounds, just THINK of how it could have turned out on, say, a cruise...without being on Weight Watchers.

Yeah, so much worse.

So I'm not crying over a couple of pounds, but it has been 150% hard to go back to more mindful eating. That much is truth. I'm surviving, but it ain't easy, y'all.

Next time I'll be back with some thoughts on how to make real-world re-entry a little easier. Do you have any thoughts to share? Or is it just me who thinks it's stinkin' tough to go from a week of unrestricted eating to jumping back on the mindful eating bus? Let's hear your tips.

Till the next time, stay healthy, peeps!

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