Weighing In: Blizzards, Bras and Bathing Suits

Something tells me my pastor is not going to appreciate seeing that headline come up in his news feed on Facebook. But it got your attention, right?

{ inserting nodding crowd here }

To my guy readers...this may or may not get uncomfortable for you, just under the Facebook screenshot. Consider yourselves warned.

Today marks my 8th weigh-in. That's 7 weeks on the Weight Watchers Online program (don't worry about the math, it's right, just trust me). I've had good weeks and not so good weeks. So far, I count my lucky stars that I haven't actually gained, but there have been plenty of flat weeks with absolutely no movement on the scale.

But this week.

This week.

This week was the awesomest yet. Yes, awesomest.

Because this week, I saw something I haven't seen in a very, very long time. This week, I saw a 3 as the middle number on my weight.

okay, so it's just BARELY a 3, but darn it, it's a THREE!

Would you think less of me if I told you I cried? How about if I told you that I cried and then ran in and woke up my hubs to tell him? What if I told you I cried, then woke him up to tell him, then posted about it on Facebook--both my wall and Weight Watchers'?

And what if I told you I credit my 2.2-pound weight loss last week with Dairy Queen? Come on, now. You know where I stand with the DQ. In 7 weeks, the weeks that have not included a visit to DQ, I have not lost any weight. The weeks where I did 1 DQ run, I lost.

It's completely scientific. Don't try to change my mind.

As a hilarious side-note, some extremely serious person on Weight Watchers' Facebook wall gave me a stern talking-to because I credited ice cream with my weight loss. This, friends, is far, far too funny not to share:

I could have antagonized this poor person all day long, but I let it slide by just imagining all my hilarious possible responses.

Oh, and two things, just for the record...

#1: I ate 49 Points on Thursday because I was on a business trip and did not maintain control (that is not a's a tail-tucking, red-faced confession). So, it's possible to completely blow a day and not have it blow the week.

And #2: one of the things that makes Weight Watchers so awesome is that they encourage a healthy, and even fun approach to eating. They don't want you to feel deprived. If you love it, manage your Points and eat it. Just use your head, people.

Why. So. Serious?

Okay, I'm done. With that. There's still more.

So I cried. There are reasons my tears were founded, and I promise to share the whole sordid tale with you someday. Not today. But someday.

Today I want to tell you that I'm having a positive body image day. Why?

  • Because over the past week, I've seen pictures of me taken recently and have been pleasantly surprised by my changing shape.
  • Because I bought a bathing suit { hubba }. From Victoria's Secret { hubba hubba }. And it was too big, so I had to exchange it for a smaller size { hubba hubba hubba }. And I'm not afraid to show you what it looks like when I post from the beach next week (don't worry, it's a totally PG suit...I AM vacationing with my in-laws, you know).

  • Because my pants are baggy.
  • Because, aside from the weight loss, I switched from nursing bras to big girl bras for the first time in a year, and I feel very...womanly? Yes, womanly.
  • Because I am now a bonafide YMCA member and am back in the saddle at Spinning class. It's awesome going back to work with my hair a hot mess after a fierce lunchtime class.
Because I am so encouraged by the fact that my not-so-great weeks haven't rocked my world...I am living and breathing and owning every moment of this marathon, and that makes me feel pretty darn good.

So I'm wondering how your day is going? Are you feeling good, or not-so-good? Tell me what's going on, because we're in this thing together, you and me.

And while you're leaving me a comment, I'd like your feedback on something. Sean's also on this weight loss's a family thing...and his membership is sponsored by Weight Watchers because they're awesome and they believe in what we're doing with this here blog. We've kicked around a few ideas for regular features from Sean's point of view and will be kicking something off in a few days. What kinds of things would you like to know about Sean's experience? Any thoughts on a format? Can't wait to hear your feedback.

Till the next time...stay healthy, peeps!

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