Weighing In: A Quickie but a Goodie (no, not THAT kind of quickie!)

I am super stoked to be participating, as both a blogger and as a member, in Weight Watchers' Lose For Good campaign, where your participation equals money donated by WW to help combat world hunger. The campaign runs from September 5 through October 23. WW will donate up to ONE MILLION dollars as follows:

  • For every 1 million pounds lost during campaign period, Weight Watchers will donate $225,000, up to $900,000
  • For every qualified “Visit a Meeting for Free” coupon redeemed in meetings locations during the campaign period, Weight Watchers will donate $1.00, up to $10,000
  • For each approved “Lose-A-Palooza” social media activity on 9/14/10, Weight Watchers will donate $1.00, up to $60,000; and
  • For each approved activity on each of six “Action Tuesdays” during the campaign period (except for 9/14/10), Weight Watchers will donate $1.00 up to $5,000 per Tuesday.

It's a beautiful thing.

I'm jumping on the bus a few days late, but I'm all in, Dairy Queen be damned! So far I've participated in two "Action Tuesdays". First one, I made my goal. And this week, I have to tell someone about it for accountability. Hmmmmm, I wonder who I should tell...

My goal for the Lose For Good campaign is to hit my goal weight by October 23. That's 135 pounds.
I'll tell you tomorrow how far off from that I currently am. { our little family food tour of The Strip on Saturday may have hurt my cause }

Action Tuesday #2...check!

So this is all well and good, but you know I'm going to ask you to get involved. All seven of you who read my humble little bloggy blog (and i LOVE you for it!). And you can get involved! You know how? Well did you notice #2 up there in my list? Lose-A-Palooza? Yeah, that.

Let me tell you a little something about Lose-A-Palooza.

Lose-A-Palooza is a one-day social media event to help raise awareness and encourage participation in the Lose For Good® campaign! For every mention of “Lose For Good” made on Facebook, blogs, Twitter, and check-ins via foursquare, Weight Watchers will donate $1 – up to $60,000 – as part of the Lose For Good® donation. For full details, go to, or click the Lose-A-Palooza logo above.

Go on, be a do-gooder. And while you're at it, come back here and let me know you did, so I can burst with joy at the generosity of the best blog readers out there.

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