Weekend Rewind :: Pre-Father's Day Surprise

This weekend the fam and I took a long weekend and surprised my dad with a visit. It was so much fun, I can't even begin to explain! Until last weekend, all of my vacations have seemed woefully too short. But this was one of those truly rare and wonderful occasions where the time away felt much longer than it actually was. We didn't do much — sat around, ate crabs, ate ice cream, swam in the pool, laughed and goofed with family — and maybe that was the key. It was the best vacation ever.

And my dad would probably say the best Father's Day ever too, even though it wasn't actually Father's Day.

Here's a quick little photo tour through our fantastic weekend.

dad thought he was just getting lunch at one of their favorite local spots...he was so surprised to see us all sitting there waiting to eat lunch with him.

baby had her first dip in a pool and loved it (as long as no one was splashing her in the face...SEAN).

we went to my very favorite restaurant for a ridiculously yummy dinner.

we held on for dear life as the munchkin tried to devour every lemon in sight (and mama panicked when she managed to suck the entire guts off of one and nearly choked herself into oblivion).

we introduced the tiny one to ducks. quack quack!

i managed to sneak into a photo or two with my besties.

grammie and pop-pop went all gaga over our little munchkin. pop-pop hadn't seen her since Christmas and boy oh boy had she grown!

we picked up a half bushel or pure eastern shore delight.

i made the crab fishermen uncomfortable with my intrusive photography.

we dove into this pile of beauty. steamed and spicy beauty.

even the ibaby got into the spirit of things by attempting to shake hands with a crab.

It really was the best weekend ever.

So how about you? Tell me about one of the best long-weekend vacations you've ever taken. Not those delicious, long, week or two-week ones. I want to hear about maximizing a shorter period of time. After all, I may need some ideas for next time...

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