Weekend Rewind: May 16

Whew! Wow, what a week. First of all, I need to do a little happy dance *shuffle*kick*wiggle*waggle* because I won the Blanqi giveaway over at The Busy Budgeting Mama! Let me just say that I am insanely, ridiculously excited about this giveaway because I had been planning to buy one in each color when the two pink lines next show up for us. When I showed Sean the extreme deliciousness of the Blanqi, there was a little "rawr" and then the suggestion... "you should get the black one". Heh heh heh. So don't hate, friends, you can have a Blanqi too. Well, you can buy one at least. They're sold on the Blanqi website and at Nordstrom's and are surprisingly very affordable, especially for a piece of clothing that will save your back and make you look even hotter than you already do when you're donning your baby bump.

And speaking of The Busy Budgeting Mama, she featured this blog this week <more happy dancing>. Be sure to check it out. She had some wonderfully sweet things to say!

Alternative Name


In other news, I've realized this blogging business is hard work! Mondo props to all of you bloggers out there. I think there was a part of me that just didn't get that people do this full-time. I'm amazed and humbled. I thought I could post 5 times a week, no problem. But I definitely can't. I need sleep. And baby cuddle time. And hubby cuddle time. And ice cream.

So I've been trying to come up with a reasonable schedule that keeps me on track, but gives me the space to love posting and sharing, focus on my full-time job (which involves a commute and meetings and websites that aren't blogs), and most importantly, spend lots of wonderful quality time with my besties--Sean and the iBaby. So hang with me, dear readers and friends. I may be inconsistent at best here for a spell while I get my rhythm, but know I'm working on it. Most likely, my repeating series items will come out every other week instead of every week, with maybe a little bonus post here and there. My goal is three times a week--how does that sound to all of you?

Which reminds should definitely check out my friend Kacia's blog. She's been doing some tremendously fun things and has more enthusiasm in her pinky finger than all of those Flo Progressive commercials combined. She's also got some pretty illegally cute little items in her etsy shop, so you're definitely going to want to check her out.


Oh, and I could still use a little more input on brussel sprouts. I did hear from a handful of people, and I need to try out all those recipes now. I want to like them, honest. imanimama's verdict to come soon!

seriously. i can't write about them without you. hit me up with the comments, y'all.


Speaking of strange green things, this picture has absolutely nothing to do with anything, but it's far too ridiculous to not share:

my baby has duck rage


Sean and I went for a very unproductive trip down to the Strip District on Saturday. It was a sunny, warm, perfectly beautiful day and The Strip is...well...quintessentially Pittsburgh. Sometimes I think maybe my personality can't handle the chaos, lines and ridiculously absent parking of Saturday mornings in The Strip, but mostly it just seems wrong to *not* want to go. For those of you who aren't in Pittsburgh, I'll do my best to explain the Strip District. It's a handful of city blocks, just outside of Downtown, with a zillion extremely diverse shops, restaurants, street vendors, artisan booths, buskers and everything in between, just crawling with people. On a warm Saturday morning, you'd better arrive by 7 a.m. or you'll be hard-pressed to find parking. I like to take one of those little old lady carts that you drag behind yourself as you walk, and pile my fresh produce, cheeses, breads, etc right in there. Today I did just that, and Sean carried the munchkin in our new kokopax carrier. We spent about an hour and a half down there with every intention of knocking out most of my grocery shopping, but in the end, all I bought was a pound of tilapia, a bag of mushrooms and a half pound of horseradish cheese.

Oh, and horseradish cheese, I love you. And I love that Sean doesn't love you. You can be all mine. *kisses*

i would easily pay double that, but don't go telling the fine peole at prestogeorge.

So I took 800 pictures today. Not even joking. Probably 300 were in The Strip, just so you can see what I mean. These are SOOC (unedited); I'm just throwing them together quickly so you can get the picture.

[flickrslideshow acct_name="imanimama" id="72157623947856291" width="500" height="500" border_width="1" border_style="dotted" border_color="000" bg_color="fff" padding="4"]


When we came home from The Strip, we found that Britt had had a little tantrum involving her food bowl. While we only found the aftermath, I like think it involved her picking up the dish with her mouth and smashing it to the travertine floor in a fit of despair that she didn't get to go on the field trip. The equivalent of this in biblical times would involve ash and sackcloth, and probably the tearing of clothes and gnashing of teeth.

i guess a plastic water dish is on today's grocery list.

I guess we didn't do too well with cleanup, because I had to fish out a chunk of dog food from iBaby's mouth about an hour ago. <sigh> Anyway, thought you would enjoy a little bonus footage from our adventures with a dog. There's so much good stuff to share, I think another dedicated post is in order.


And finally, don't forget about the GIVEAWAY! Yes, I said the "g" word. Be sure to check out this post and do what you need to do to enter. I'm gathering up a lovely loot pile that's growing all the time, so it's going to be a good one.

Alright, that's all from me for now, my munchkin calls (so much for naptime).

Have a lovely week!

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