Weekend Rewind :: Happy Father's Day!

Little bit of weekend rewind for ya today, but not much because I'm ready for some hubby downtime. -----------

This week we had our first huge scare with the iBaby as she wriggled her way out of her high chair in the two split seconds we weren't looking and plummeted to the floor in a thump — right on her head (spoiler alert: she's fine, praise God). We were at Roland's in the Strip District and let me just say, what an amazing place with an amazing staff. Everyone rallied around us to help immediately and were there to comfort this bawling, hysterical mama. Sean and I were super impressed and we even wrote a letter specifically to the general manager.

One of the wait staff came up behind me, stroked my head and whispered in my ear, "As a mom of five children, I have to say to you that if that is the worst thing that happens to one of your babies while they are in your care, then you are a hell of a woman." I think she singlehandedly helped me to calm down and not feel like the worst parent ever.

Anyway, Roland's in the Strip. Delicious food, awesome staff, highly recommended.

And we bought our own portable high chair and will be using that from here on and forevermore. Amen.


My last two trips to Target have yielded really cool interactions with some awesome people. Last week I met a mama and her husband who had this absolutely adorable little girl who was carrying her baby doll in a sling. Way to go mama! I gave her the blog address on an old bus ticket stub because I was out of business cards. Hopefully she'll look us up. She mentioned that she would pass along the blog to her La Leche League friends and that she carried her little girl in a sling till she was 3 years old. Love this lady! I really wish I had asked her name, but if you're out there, I just wanted to say it was really nice chatting with you. :)

At today's trip, I met a stay-at-home dad who was commenting on our Kokopax. We chatted for a few minutes about the pack and then went about our shopping. Later, when I got home, I received an email from his wife thanking me for "talking to a stranger." :) Turns out they ordered a backpack for their baby as soon as he got home from Target and she's a HUGE fan of Sweetlix. Another wonderful parent connection. Hi, Mara!


For all you procrastinating mamas with no ideas for Father's's a quick and easy one. Go to your local crafts store and pick up some letters in either cardboard or wood: you want a "D" and an "A" for this example. You could also paint or draw some on paper, but the wood worked well for us. Spray paint them or have your kiddo color with markers.

Now, take pictures of your kiddo holding each of the letters. Have the photos printed as 4x6 or 5x7 at your closest one-hour photo place (Sam's Club did 4 5x7 prints for me for around $1.50 total). Frame and present to the daddy in your life. Voila! Cheap and quick and easy! :)

Here's what iBaby and I did for Sean:

we picked up a frame from target for $15. easy peasy.

The best part about this gift if the dad in your life is having his first Father's Day, is that you can do this every year and just replace the photos in the frame. It's the gift that keeps on giving.


Finally, I want to wish a very happy Father's Day to the amazing dads in my life.

To this one:

photo courtesy of lori elizabeth photography

And to this one:

happy father's day, daddy!

And this one:

Have a great day celebrating the daddies on  your life. :: hugs ::

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