Weekend Rewind: 5.24.10 (better late than never)

I have been off work since last Thursday and have pretty much just been vegging and enjoying the family. So today, I have just a few random thoughts from this weekend for ya. UNO: I didn't know Someone on Twitter corrected my spelling of Brussels sprouts and gave me a snippet of background. Who knew? Apparently not me. I confess it took me looking at the tweet about 12 times before I realized the whole point was that I had spelled it incorrectly. <sigh>

huh. how 'bout that.

Anyway, I looked it up and sure enough, they are indeed Brussels sprouts. How 'bout that. What's even funnier is that I looked up the user who sent me the note and their whole gig is scouring Twitter, looking for spelling and grammar mistakes. Oh, to get paid for that...or even to have time for it.

DOS: Wettest yard sale ever I'm sure you've already heard, but just in case you missed it...

TRES: The best toys are in your kitchen cabinets I'm not kidding. A pot and a wooden spoon will keep this kiddo occupied longer than anything else (including food).

second favorite photo from this weekend. first favorite? read on.

CUATRO: Feeling a little alone in this While chatting with my mama this weekend about being a full-time working mom, it occurred to me that I couldn't think of a single other Christian mom in my life who is working outside of the house 10 hours a day or more with a baby or toddler, and with a husband who has an erratic work schedule (sometimes he's 4a-1p, sometimes 3p-midnight, sometimes 10a-7p, sometimes 9p-6a, etc.). I do have a coworker with a preschooler who is in almost an identical situation and has at least "been there" and can commiserate. And a handful of awesome teacher friends who work full-time, but most of them will have the summer off with their munchkins. While we are so grateful for Sean's job, the scheduling often means limited family time, saying no to fellowship in exchange for two hours of cuddle time before one of us falls asleep, and having to give up lots of things we love to make sure someone is here to spend time and nurture our iBaby. Don't get me wrong, I'd give up the world for my family, but I'm not going to lie and say it doesn't present very real challenges that sometimes even our closest friends can't necessarily relate to.

I don't really know why this struck me as new information. After all, our family's very unique situation is partially what drove me to start writing this blog. I realized that parenting styles and family circumstances covered quite a spectrum, and I wanted to have a place where everyone felt like they could belong. I LOVE all the mommy blogs I read, but to be perfectly honest, it's often very hard to 100% relate with those who work part-time or have flexible work schedules, or whose work is raising their families full-time.While being a mom is hard, period, sometimes it's just nice to know someone else in your shoes so you can be assured that it's possible.

When you look at the "Make or Buy" section of, that's my angle...that the answer will just be different for every parent. I can't tell you that making your own bread should be at the top of your priority list, but I can tell you that based on my unique circumstances, here's what works for us.

Anyway, that's a lot of rambling, but I want to be transparent. If there are any other parents out there experiencing the same kind of work situation, leave me a comment. I'd love to get ideas from you about what works and what doesn't.

CINCO: Bananas are slippery and require great concentration to eat

nuff said.

SEIS: Immediately following great concentration comes great sleep This is my favorite photo from the weekend. I just wanna kiss her all up!

sorry for the cuteness overload. i couldn't resist.


OCHO: More giveaway details coming soon In the meantime, check it out and get your entries in now.

That's all for now. Time to get the diapers off the line and call it a night. I have a few posts underway, including a Make or Buy about Greek-style yogurt. Stay tuned!


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