Weekend Rewind

Today is Mother's first with the munchkin outside of my belly, and it was a really nice one. Went to church, flower shopping with Sean's parents and had an early dinner at my favorite restaurant.

Now we're about to put the little iBaby to bed and I'm listening to Sean play with her in the hallway. He's singing his own rendition of "Paddycake":

Paddycake, paddycake, baker man. Bake me a cake as fast as you can. One cake, two cake, three cake, four. Daddy can't have a cake because he's on South Beach phase 1.

Yeah, I married a comedian. A comedian going through intense sugar withdrawal.

Mother's Day was really nice. All I wanted from the day (besides some quality family time, and maybe a was a couple of pictures of the munchkin and me together. Alas, my littlest love is a squiggly wiggly, so most of the pictures turned out something like this:

Thanks to all who have subscribed or are checking out my blog and passing it onto your friends. It means so much. There are lots more new posts to come.

Just you wait.

In the meantime, go back and re-read "Meet the Parents" because our panel is now complete--the last three have been added. Be sure to leave them some comment love because these fantabulous ladies are volunteering to help with this site out of the goodness of their hearts.

Oh, and in case you haven't seen this yet, here's a little something for all you parents out there.

One more thing before I hit the hay and close out another week. You must check out my friend Natalie's blog "The Busy Budgeting Mama". Aside from being a super cool site with all sorts of drool-worthy recipes, enviable entertainment tips and inspired style boards, she's giving away what's sure to become the greatest invention for mamas-to-be...the Blanqi Body Styler (and her sister and a friend invented cool is that?). So go check her out, subscribe, leave her some comment love and try to win that Blanqi (don't try too hard, because actually I really want to win it. Not that I'm expecting, but someday maybe...).

Have a lovely week!

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