I had a really nice conversation today with my friend Stacie about Christmas traditions. We both have toddlers close in age, so we were kicking around ideas and things we were planning to do. I hadn't really considered the fact that Sean and I actually have quite a few traditions that we started last year. Here's a sampling:

  • Sean buys her Christmas dress every year (I buy the Easter dress, Sean’s mom buys the Thanksgiving outfit and my mom is in charge of the snowsuits).

    Last year's Christmas dress. Photo courtesy of Captivating Imagery.

  • This year I took her Christmas picture at Home Depot. I might do that every year too.

    Proof the Christmas pictures were taken at Home Depot

  • I make an ornament for her to give to all the extended family. Same ornament—goes to 15 people. When she’s old enough, she’ll make it herself.

Tonight I was working on the ornaments and thought it would be fun to share since it's the easiest peasiest craft ever, and totally doable en masse before Christmas.

First, I bought this rustic-looking snowflake ornament from our local craft store for a buck. Okay, I bought like 10 of 'em. Still. El-cheapo.

Then, I took one of my favorite iToddler pics and through the magic of Photoshop, made them into little circles. I printed out a huge sheet of them and had the hubs carefully cut them out as he watched Hells Kitchen (what a guy!).

Then I got me some Mod Podge and a paint brush and assembled. Swipe some paint in the center of the wooden snowflake, then a swipe across the back of the photo circle. Place the photo in the center of the ornament and press to set. Finally, brush a hearty coating of Mod Podge over the whole thing.

Let it dry, and then do it again, just for good measure.

Let those babies dry up, and then on the other side, write your kiddo's name and the year in a Sharpie (or other fancy writing utensil of choice).

Voila. Done and lovely.

Next year that kiddo's going to start making the ornaments herself, but isn't that a nice little tradition for the family to look forward to? AND it makes gifts 1-2-3 easy for los parentes. Now go forth and craft, mamas!

{ but before you go, tell me...what are some of your favorite holiday traditions? }

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