The Wettest Yard Sale Ever

Today was our neighborhood's much anticipated GIANT Yard Sale. For the past several weeks, I've rummaged through our house, gathering up items long since forgotten, covered in dust, just waiting for the perfect occasion to come out of storage. After four and a half years in this house, we've finally come to terms with the fact that the perfect occasion was this sale. This GIANT sale.

More than 20 families, signs galore, advertising out the wazoo.

And we were ready for it. I bought stickers and poster board and brand new Sharpies. Went to the bank for small bills to provide change to the droves of customers who would inevitably not be able to live without a weatherproof cassette Walkman or an old omelet pan. Organized every items into an appropriately labeled box so there was a place for everything and everything in its place. We even bought a bunch of bright yellow smiley face balloons to happily escort sale-goers to each participating house on our street. Today was our first yard sale, and we were ready for it.

We were not, however, ready for this:

this would be a slow-moving front that hung out directly over our street for a sizable portion of the day.

But we would not be deterred. Come hell or high water, we were sticking it out. Luckily for us, we live on a big hill, so the water didn't get terribly high for us. But boy oh boy did it come down.

And down and down and down.

By 7 a.m., we had to make a go/no-go call, even though the neighborhood sale was set to go on, rain or shine. See, we're pretty much the only house on the block without a usable porch, so we had to tarp our driveway and hope for the best. Was it going to be worth it?

clockwise from top left: preparing for the sale; smiley ballons buckling under the (barometric) pressure; my mom and ibaby enjoying the fresh (albeint damp) air; apocalypse circus tent

We decided to take a chance. And while we would have loved to have more of them, the customers weren't completely dissuaded. Apparently our apocalypse circus tent setup was not the deterrent we thought it might be. We actually made $84!

Then Sean ran off with The Busy Budgeting Mama's husband for lunch and spent $40. So much for our vacation savings.

imanimama's VERDICT: Eh. Yard sales are a LOT of work, both in preparation and just being there the day of...setting up, sitting and tearing down. I don't know if it's really worth it. Maybe it would be more profitable on a sunnier day. Maybe if our neighborhood was more on a main drag instead of a side street. Maybe it would be better to donate the items and get a tax receipt.

But in the end, Sean and I decided we'd do it again, just one more time. After all, we do have all this leftover stuff, now taking up room in our garage. I think a yard sale might actually be fun if we could have set up along the sidewalk and chatted it up with the neighbors, instead of trying to dump the pooling water off a tarp every 7 minutes. Maybe next time we'll even put the iBaby to work selling brownies and lemonade with her charm and good looks.

How about you? Any good yard sale stories? What are your best sale tips? Any advice for next time?

Oh, and while I have your attention, how about you mosey on over to the giveaway page and get your entries in?

Till the next time, soggily yours, Jen

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