The Bigger She Gets

I'm a lucky mama. I have a super-hot, hard-working, loving husband. My job is awesome--my boss and team are great. I have a humble home with window AC units to fend off the fierce 95-degree May days in Pittsburgh (who'd-a thunk it). My friends and family and church are second to none--I am always surrounded by inspiring people. And I have a beautiful, smart and insanely funny little girl. Who's almost two.


Yes, two. And she wears underwear on her head.

Where did the time go?

Watching time pass, pickin' her nose.

I am not a big advice-giver. Well, unless asked, then look out! But one thing I always tell my friends is that you should most definitely journal about your kids. They will do the most powerfully tear-jerking, funniest, most profound, most humbling things and you will forget them all because those same kids ate your brain cells. And guess who wasn't taking her own advice?

This girl.

So recently I started writing again and realized I already had this site set up and maybe someone might actually want to read my little anecdotes about daily life with a full-time job, an overworked husband, a hilarious toddler and a new baby due on Christmas day.

What??? Heh. Yep. :)

So imanimama is back, albeit inconsistently. It may not have many "real ideas", but it sure will have lots of laughs. I hope you'll join me and share your journey, too.

Thanks for reading my mama's little bloggerito.

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