Sunday Shortie :: How to Stop Whining

I've been whining a lot lately and realized yesterday that nobody's going to change my circumstances but me. This Sunday Shortie is a list of this things I'm currently unhappy with in my life, and how I plan to suck it up and make some intentional positive changes.

  1. I feel out of touch with my church peeps since the baby was born. Instead of whining and making excuses, I'm accepting invitations, planning a couple gatherings and making a real effort to reach out and say hi now and phone instead of by email. Nothing like the sound of a friend's voice.
  2. My spiritual walk feels stale and lacks power. I signed up for a small group and darn it, I'm sticking to it this time. Even if Sean can't make it. Even if it's in the middle of the week. Even if it goes past the iToddler's bed time. Because those aren't deal breakers and I need to stop acting like they are.
  3. I'm sick and tired of the house being in shambles, but there is no definitive end in sight. So I'm going to do what I can and not apologize the rest. At work we take big projects and break them into tiny little manageable pieces. It's called thin slicing. Part of the Agile methodology (learn more, nerd). So I'm going to thin slice my home projects. Even if that means thin slicing laundry. I can see it now.
    1. Throw laundry into pile
    2. Carry tub downstairs
    3. Separate clothes (or not)
    4. Toss first load into washer
    5. Go to bed
    6. Wake up in the middle of the night realizing washer wasn't started
    7. Start washer
    8. Wake up again realizing I didn't add soap
    9. Go back to sleep after deciding to worry about it in the morning
    10. Start process all over and realize halfway through there's mildewy clothes still in the washer from round 1
    11. Take a deep breath and reach for the last Woodchuck in the fridge

Here's a project I'm thin slicing this week:

  1. Call a contractor.
  2. Get quote for new driveway.
  3. Go to work while contractor gussies up the nasty old driveway.
  4. Pay contractor.
  5. Smile at what a genius idea it is to pay someone else to do something you absolutely DO NOT want to do yourself.

How about you? What is it that you need to stop whining about? Do tell!

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