She's One, I'm Sappy, and You're Lucky

My beautiful little girl, the light of my life and apple of my eye, turns one year old tomorrow.

Cue the sappy music and slow-mo montage.

This is huge, people. Epic.

We kept a person alive, thriving for a year. I fed her from my own body. No major bleeding, no rubber rooms, no divorce court.

You parents out there, you get it for sure. We deserve a stinking medal. This was the hardest, most fun year of my life. We've been covered in drool, spit-up on, had poo under my fingernails. We've lost sleep, gained confidence, cried, laughed and swelled to near-bursting with a love we didn't know was possible. I've fallen in love over and over and over again with my two most amazing loves, and finally understand why my parents are the way they are (sorry guys!).

This is about more than smash cakes and balloons. This is God's incredible miracle. A blessing of unimaginable proportions. And you'd better believe that calls for a celebration.

Since our tiny love arrived, my soul has been jolted back to life. She has inspired me to start designing again, writing, playing, laughing. And because this journey and that sweet little smile deserves to be captured for all eternity, I took up very pre-amateur photography and blogging.

So many of my dear friends have supported me in my new hobbies, especially with, and I'd like to celebrate my toddler girl's birthday by giving something back to a few of you.

So, without further ado, the IRL contest:

You know I'm going to take a ridiculous amount of photos tomorrow. Who knows how many.

Maybe you know.

So if you're someone I know, in real life, pre-blog, all you have to do it leave me a message with the number of photos you think I'll take from the time the munchkin wakes up, until she goes to bed tomorrow.

The person who comes closest will win first pick of one of the prizes below. Two other winners will be drawn randomly to win one of the remaining prizes. That's THREE winners...I'm THAT excited about little girl's birthday. :)

You have until Sunday night at 8 p.m. to post your guesses.

How does that sound? And what are the prizes?

:: A 30-minute massage, donated by licensed massage therapist Carrie Velasquez (may be upgraded to an hour for $20) :: A selection of Pure Romance pretty products, donated by Pure Romance Director Holli Voshell :: A copy of Healthy Artisan Bread in Five Minutes a Day

This giveaway is now closed.

So go ahead, tap into your ESP, and post your guess.

And while you're posting, I'm going to go play "Wind Beneath My Wings" and stare at cell phone pictures in the dark.

{  sniff, sniff  }

On Thursday at 6:15 p.m., my water broke.

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