Role Model

I love sleep. Sleep doesn't seem to like me. For 8 1/2 months, I have struggled with severe insomnia. It started out mildly enough...waking up every night around 2 or 3 a.m. and laying awake for hours...but over the past few months it evolved into not being able to fall asleep (and then literally getting ZERO hours of sleep), and most recently, anxiety.

And then I fell apart, got doctors more involved and spent some time getting some serious rest. As of today, I'm seeing marked improvement (7 hours last night...woo hoo!).

That's the backstory.

So this past weekend, my mom came into town, because she's a saint of a woman, to help out with the iToddler. After noticing that she was starting to really enjoy babying things, Mom decided to buy our munchkin a baby doll. It was super sweet when she got it home. She'd laid it down and change the diaper, kiss and hug it and feed it a carrot. She'd say, "There ya go, baby. Awwwww, baby!!!"

Super sweet. She was learning nice things from Mommy.

And then it happened.

She laid the baby in front of the TV and then went to lay down on the couch. Just. Like. Mommy.

{sigh} God love my little girl. Here's hoping she's learning more about love than how tired her sleep-deprived mom is.

Judging from the kisses and carrots, though, I think we're on the right track.

And Exhale...

The Babies Ate My Brain

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