"Real Parents On" Special: Help, I Have a Toddler!

Okay, I need your help. And quickly. A week ago, when we left Pittsburgh for vacation, I had a sweet, mild-mannered, easily pleased little pre-toddler. After several days of practicing her walking skills, my little munchkin has grown into a full-fledged mover and shaker and has absolutely zero tolerance for sitting still. And she's growing in leaps and bounds with new tricks every single day.

I'm serious.

Just this week, my beautiful baby girl started:

  • walking effortlessly
  • clapping on command
  • playing peek-a-boo
  • dancing on command
  • hugging on command
  • saying "mama" appropriately

AND she got her first molar. AND today she kissed a teddy bear (no kisses for mama or dada yet though).

I mean seriously?!?! We really had no idea things would move this quickly. That's just this week. Next week she could be doing complex algebra. Ahhhhh!

It's good, it really is, but here's the thing. My lovely, pleasant, smiley little munchkin has suddenly become very serious and fussy, most noticeably when she's unable to move around at her own pace. She's absolutely intolerant to sitting. Forget high chairs. This kiddo needs to be on the move. All. The. Time. And we haven't been able to keep her in a bathtub for ages (forget showering...she hates splashing water).

And here's where I need your help.

She hates her car seat.

You know, the one she needs to sit in for TWELVE+ HOURS  this coming weekend. The one she had NO TROUBLE with last weekend, but suddenly now cannot stand.

Yeah, that one.

So here we are, in the Outer Banks, with two long travel days ahead of us, and she starts completely hysterically melting down within 45 minutes of being in the car.

Help!!! We need ideas pronto!
  • No DVD players...don't have one. 
  • Sitting in the back with her doesn't work. 
  • Rear-facing seat doesn't switch to face forward.
  • She's unimpressed with toys and food.
  • We're not interested in the Benadryl "solution".

And while I'm asking for help, any ideas for managing a suddenly temperamental toddler? The terrible twos seem to have arrived a year too soon for my monkey girl.

Don't get me wrong, I'm crazy about her. Crazy. Love. But she can be flat out bonkers. One minute she's giggling and flirting and playing peek-a-boo, and the very next she could throw her entire body backwards and fly into an inconsolable rage of tears and fists of fury.

I guess this is normal, but geez! She can be downright bipolar.

So help, please.

We are feeling pretty humbled by the terrible twos outrageous ones. Please tell us this is normal. Please?

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