Purple Shirt Night

Purple Shirt Night

My girl goes to something called Kids Clubs at a local church every Tuesday night. It's sort of like scouting, only faith-based...specifically, Christian. You know, because we're friends with Jesus, n'at. The two year-olds are all in a class together (God BLESS those teachers!), and they all wear purple shirts.

So of course she calls it "Purple Shirt Night".

Today on the way home, we had this conversation:

I: Mommy, I worshipped with my Purple Shirt Night friends tonight!

Me: You worshipped?

I: Yes! I did!

Me: Do you know what worshipping is?

I: Yes! When you worship, you sing to Jesus. He is the light!

Sweet mercy, I think right then and there I got butterflies in my stomach and a lump in my throat, and for a moment I realized

despite all the chaos

the impatience

the tantrums

the fear

the frustration

the exhaustion

the major fail moments [and boy are those abundant]

we're doing something right.

And it's really a good thing, too, because with a cutie who looks this comfortable on the back of a motorcycle at 2 years-old, we're gonna have to keep that girl covered in all KINDS of prayer.

Can I get an amen?



Can We All Just Agree to Be Kind to Moms?

Can We All Just Agree to Be Kind to Moms?

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