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We've been cloth diapering our little munchkin now for over 10 months and have really fallen in love with the whole cloth nappy experience. There's something perfectly yummy about an oversized bubble butt on a tiny little babe. And then there's the cheerful view from your kitchen window as you look out at a rainbow of adorable little dipes hanging from the line.

It just makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

one of the happiest signs of spring

But along with the warm fuzzies of being a part of the cloth diapering crowd come some real bits of wisdom. We've tried lots of different products, from different dipes and inserts, to detergents (more on this in a couple weeks), to lotions and potions, and wet bags. And after 10 months, we know what we like, what works for us and what just doesn't work at all.

When we first built our stash, we bought 4 different wet bags. Two large, two small for the diaper bag. Three of them had a drawstring closure and one was elastic with handles that hung from a doorknob. It didn't take long for us to become entirely disillusioned with the drawstring. On one, the grommets broke within a few uses. And with every one, the wet and stink didn't stay all the way in the bag. How could it? Even with the drawstring pulled as tightly as possible, there was still a teeny tiny little hole where the funk could escape.

And escape it did.

Sean and I are absolutely notorious for changing diapers on the go and forgetting them in the diaper bag for days (if by days you mean weeks) at a time. And then I open up the bag one day to find a stench party happening inside. Yuck-o.

Here and there I'd see advertisements for other wet bags, but I had become so skeptical and resigned to the fact that carrying around dirty diapers was just bound to reek, that I rarely gave any of them a second glance. Until...

Until I popped into Happy Baby Company's retail store for the first time at its grand opening and saw the Planet Wise bags. They were absolutely gorgeous. Beautiful fabrics, bright colors. And because I'm a sucker for shiny new things, I picked up a one-diaper sized one.

mama loves this bag!

We used it a lot and were surprised with how well it kept in the funk, even after sitting in the diaper bag for weeks days on end. It washed up easily in our regular wash. Kept its shape well. I really liked this little bag and wished I had gotten the next size up. I silently coveted the larger home laundry-sized ones on the Happy Baby Company website.

Well not too long ago, I was at the store again, talking with the owners about doing a giveaway on the blog. Adam suggested a review/giveaway and after some discussion, he suggested a Planet Wise bag. How exciting that I get to share this fantastic product with my readers!

Here's the great thing about this bag: you don't have to be a babymama to use it. It's beach and pool season, people. This is the absolute perfect item to toss your wet suits and water shoes in after a day of splishity splashing.

True story. We tried it.

I already knew it worked perfectly with diapers, but I wanted to know about some other real-world uses for it.

just look at how at-home this bag looks laying poolside

So I threw three wet bathing suits and some pool toys in our bag and it held up absolutely as expected. The only issue we had was that I didn't properly prep the bag first, so I had some leaking the first time around. But after I popped it back into the washer in very hot water and dried it on high heat, it worked like a dream. Even with absolutely saturated clothing inside, this pretty little bag was a fortress of dryness.

And you remember how Sean and I always forget about things? Well of course this is no exception. I loaded up the bag with wet items, tested the bag a few hours later, and then promptly forgot all about my experiment. And um, mildew happened. Okay, I know that's gross, but here are a couple of great points to consider:

  1. If the items got mildewy, that means NO AIR got inside. And if no air got inside, that means no stinky got outside.
  2. And if there was mildew, that also means the wetness stayed right where it belonged.

And did my pretty little bag suffer from my neglect? Nope. I tossed it in the washer and it was good as new.

Yes, I love this bag. I want to replace all of my wet bags with various sizes of Planet Wise versions. And I want one for the beach, one for the gym, a couple for garbage bags in our cars (okay that may be going overboard a little — :: shakes head no ::).

They are that lovely.

And as for price? Well I found them to be 100% comparable to every other bag out there that I've seen. At first I was convinced they'd be more expensive, but they turned out to be not only a wise, but also an affordable investment.

So how about some great news?

Happy Baby Company (which, incidentally, is my retailer of choice for all things cloth diapers) has given me a beautiful medium-sized Planet Wise bag to give to one of my faithful readers.

seriously, how cute are those little circles?

Here's what you need to do for your chance to win this awesome little bag:

  1. Offer only to US residents only (including APO addresses).
  2. Deadline to enter is Sunday, July 4 at 8 p.m.
  3. There are up to 4 ways to get entries. First one is required:
    • Go to the Happy Baby Company website and browse through their site. Come back here and leave a comment with your favorite item.
    • For an extra entry, sign up to receive HBC emails. Leave a separate comment here letting me know you did it.
    • For yet another entry, post a picture of your happy baby (or kiddo or pet or yourself!) on the Facebook page. Then come back here and leave a separate comment with a link.
    • New subscriber bonus entry! Become a new RSS or email subscriber to this blog. Leave a separate comment here letting me know you did it.

    This giveaway is now closed.

And I have even MORE great news! All readers receive 10% off their order at HBC, plus free shipping. Just use the code "imanimama" at checkout to receive your savings.*

How cool is that?

So while you're out there browsing their site for the giveaway, go ahead and start adding items to your cart. Also, be sure to stop by HBC's Facebook page and "like" them. They're always sharing great information and having contests galore. When you go there, be sure to tell them that imanimama sent you. :)

*One-time use coupon.

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