A friend of mine was recently raving on Facebook about her new discovery: PB2. She mentioned that it was pricey, but delicious and at only 45 calories a serving, totally worth the price tag. I filed that status update away in my brain under "things that make ya go hmmmm," and went on my merry way. Fast forward a few months.

Enter the blog. Enter the muffintop. Enter Weight Watchers.

Enter me blogging about my diminishing muffintop thanks to Weight Watchers. And enter my peanut butter-addicted hubs joining me on the weight-loss adventure.

I quickly remembered the status update, and set about learning more about this PB2 character. Turns out it's nothing more than powdered peanut butter.

Now wait.

Before you get all nose-turny-uppy on me, take a look at this and tell me you wouldn't be interested in at least trying the stuff.

ingredients, bare basics. nutritionals, rock on.

There are two varieties of PB2, which is made by Bell Plantation. One is traditional peanut butter, made only with peanuts, sugar and salt. The other adds cocoa powder to the mix.

Sean and I were extremely curious to see how good this stuff could possibly be, so I measured out 2 teaspoons of each powder, and was immediately struck by how SMALL a serving size was.

please forgive the flash photography. i was doing this at 9:30 p.m., despite my hubs' desperate pleas for a more substantial dinner.

To each powdered serving, I added 1 teaspoon of water and mixed it up with a fork.

this is a normal salad fork, not some huge monstrosity. so yeah, there was basically nothing in the bowl. certainly not enough to make an appropriately sized PB+J sandwich.

However, still not entirely discouraged, we each took a bite, first of the chocolate peanut butter flavor.

Yowsers! It was delicious!

We both were really impressed with just how good it was. And just like that, it was gone. Sheesh.

Then onto the regular peanut butter. At first I added too much water accidentally, so Sean felt like it tasted bland and had a weird texture. I tried to recover by adding more powder, and while that improved it overall, we both agreed that we liked the chocolate one much better. Don't get me wrong, I'll definitely eat the other stuff, but would prefer chocolate.

I mean, who wouldn't?

So it occurred to me after getting over the initial shock of the teeny tiny serving size (which was a mere one-third the serving size of regular peanut butter), that maybe the nutritionals on PB2 weren't all that they were cracked up to be.

Enter my trusty calculator. Everything times 3.

Update from 8.3.2010: EXCEPT THAT I READ THE LABEL WRONG! It should have been 2 TABLESPOONS, not 2 TEASPOONS! I don't need any crazy math for this one, it's apples to apples.

Let's start with calories: PB2 = 45 (2T) Peanut butter = 190 (2T) PB2 wins by a landslide!

Now for fat: PB2 = 1-1.5g (depending on flavor) Peanut butter =  16g PB2 wins again, no contest!

Weight Watchers POINTS: PB2 = .75 Peanut butter = 5 PB2 wins again!

Price (after all, we're all on a budget, right?): PB2 = $5.98 at a local specialty foods market Peanut butter =  $2.50 Both have 15-16 servings per jar, so peanut butter wins this one.

imanimama's VERDICT:

PB2 gets major points for innovation and coolness factor, but in my book, the 2 WW POINTS you save in exchange for the bigger price tag and difficulty finding (it's not the most accessible product), is just not worth it. I tried it on an Arnold Sandwich Thin and wasn't really feeling the whole classic peanut butter sandwich vibe. Will I buy it again? Maybe, but it will be a while because at a $12 total purchase, you can be sure I threatened Sean to take it waaaaaay easy on this stuff. It had better last until Halloween at that price, and lulling me to sleep with sweet affirmations and songs of my childhood wouldn't be too much to ask either.

I say, save your money and enjoy the real thing. This stuff is delicious, but tastes identical. Unless of course, Bell Plantation were to send you some coupons...then it would TOTALLY  be worth it. Just sayin'. :: Wink wink, nudge nudge ::

I change my mind, I change my mind! This stuff is Heaven-sent. I've mixed up the original flavor several times now and it's so good--perfect on an apple or celery, and still pretty good on a sandwich (though I do admit I still love the oily creamy real deal).

I do still find the price to be steep, but I no longer think it's prohibitive if you view your jar of PB2 as a special treat. Bell Plantation didn't respond to my request for coupons to give away, but maybe if you reach out to them yourself and ask, they'll hook you up. Let me know if that works.

So there you have it, tail tucked between my legs. And to think I went through that whole review and didn't notice the error...hey...neither did you. { taps microphone } Is this thing on? ;)

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