New Product Excitement :: bumGenius 4.0 Tiny Socialite Collection

Before I get to the really REALLY exciting stuff, I want to give a brief status report on how the bumGenius 4.0 diapers and closures are holding up as compared to our 3.0s. They rock.

The closures are still as good as new. The diaper is perfectly sized. The new inserts (which I didn't realize were also re-engineered) are super absorbent and thick and soft. I love the new 4.0s and SO wish I could get more. However, I do have lots and lots of repair kits with the new hook + loop closures so I can at least replace my old, dingy 3.0 stuff. All I need to find is an experienced seamstress who has redone lots of bumGenius. No offense to anyone who may offer, but if you haven't redone at least a dozen bGs, I'm going to pass on your offer.

Anyhoo, onto the amazing news of the day.

bumGenius released their first limited-edition artist series :: the Tiny Socialite Collection, designed by Chelsea Perry. And it's adorable.

And do not think for a minute that it's "coincidental" that 2 of the 5 new colors are also shared by the greatest football team of all time. Check out that black and gold! All I know is that I have one very cute little Steelers cheerleader in the market for some new diapers.

Just sayin'.

So what do you think of the new prints? What's your favorite of the bunch?

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