Need to Hear from You + Giveaway

So this weekend I'm hoping to whip out the very first Adventures on Veggies and I need to hear from you. Talk to me about brussel sprouts, people. I'm not gonna lie...I'm terrified of those nasty green little buggers, and I need some solid advice, recipes, funny stories and anything else you've got to throw my way in preparation. Clearly they're fantastic for you, so somebody out there must have something to share.

In other super exciting news, I am already thinking giveaway, and I know how y'all just love the goodies. So here's the deal. When hits 125 Feedburner subscribers (we're at 24 right now), I'm going to put a smile on one lucky reader's face. I can tell you that I'm chatting with some really cool people to make this giveaway happen (think Happy Baby Company and others), and already have a copy of my favorite bread cookbook to add to the loot pile <*drools*>.

Once all the giveaway booty is compiled, I'll update this post with the complete details.

In the meantime, how do you get in on the goodness? Because I love ya so much, I'm giving you the chance to get 3 (THREE!) entries.

[1] Get 1 entry by becoming a subscriber. Comment here and tell me how you prefer to read posts.

[2] Get another entry by tweeting about the blog and the giveaway, using #imanimamaloot, then comment here and tell me your Twitter name. Be sure your tweets are set to public, or I won't be able to find you! (While you're there, you can follow me too at No entries for this, but it'll be fun!)

[3] Get yet another entry by posting about the blog and giveaway on your blog (and/or Facebook), then comment here with URL, if available.

Remember, go crazy, peeps! Because I'm just gonna sit on this here loot pile till we're partying with 125 total subscribers.

UPDATED! For all the details, visit the new giveaway page here.

This giveaway is now closed.

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