Life, Interrupted

We've had some moments this week, our family. Okay, more than just moments. We've had DAYS of sickness, exhaustion, overwhelmedness (yes, it's a word. *my* word.), and just plain meh. I came down with some kind of funky stomach flu that didn't get all-out miserable, but just made things a little harder and yuckier. And I've been on crutches now for five weeks trying to treat the world's worst-ever case of plantar fasciitis compounded with Achilles tendonitis (cue the tiny violin). This one...

be still my beating heart

...this one got her first real fever and sent her pitiful parents into a real tailspin of concern. A trip to the doc showed maybe hand, foot & mouth, but the very next day she was fever-free and acted as if nothing had happened. What, me worry?

Now she's batting those lovely eyelashes and practicing her Queen Mother wave to anyone (and anything) that will pay her mind. No kidding, she waved at both the refrigerator and my boob this week. ::shrugs::

Then *this* one:

my two besties

...the boy one, not the girl one, went and got a job eight years ago that makes life real doggone hard this time of year. He's been working overnights and crazy shift work and super duper overtime and we miss him a whole bunch (and are much much busier than usual without him around). Today alone he worked 4 a.m. until 6:30 p.m. And tomorrow he has to be back in at 5 a.m. (and is waiting patiently for me to wrap this up so we can have some time together). ::sighs::

Thank goodness for the few quiet moments before unconsciousness. As the little one was in severe overload meltdown mode, I whipped up a little date night meal to celebrate the end of day one of the busiest work weekend of the year.

feels like home

So anyway, I'm back, and I have lots of good stuff for ya. Thanks for not writing me off while we took a little family hiatus. Stay tuned for my first official product review, updates on the first couple (yes, COUPLE) giveaways, and lots more good stuff.

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Happy long weekend, y'all!

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