I'm Still Here

In the past couple of weeks, I've had several people stop and ask me where I've been in the blogosphere. Kind, kind souls! Truth is, I really haven't had the time to sit down and work on imanimama. Between working full-time, managing a household around my hub's erratic and increasingly busy work schedule, prepping a house to sell, taking some photography side jobs, freelance and chasing a 19 month-old (what? yeah. 19 months.), I realized that any extra time I had was best spent in stillness.

Or sleep.


At first I felt guilty for not posting. Then relieved. Then conflicted. I'm still at the conflicted stage presently.

I started imanimama intent on posting all sorts of elaborate musings on ideas, recipes, etc. And that was fine and fun, but it was taking mondo time and energy away from my fam. And anyone who has a toddler knows that time grows increasingly scarce as kids grow increasingly more mobile.

How I've been humbled.

In my head, I could accomplish so much more than I thought I could.


Eventually, a realization struck me that the days of having countless hobbies were over. I can have one. Just one. And I decided to not lament that. I embraced it.

And I chose photography. Because I think someday, if I keep practicing, I might actually become pretty good at it. When my good friend Kelly, from Burgh Mama, suggested I call my little budding business Pink Bunny Photo, I reserved the domain and the FB page and everything else...just. in. case (ain't nothin' up there right now though). Because, obviously, Pink Bunny makes more sense than anything else for us.

Anyhoo, of course now I miss blogging. And I miss you. {sigh} The dilemma.

We'll see what happens. :) In the meantime, I'mma just be happy to be staying in Pittsburgh.

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