I Woke Up on the Wrong Side of the Bed



We're on vacation this week, visiting my parents and my mom thought maybe we could try the iToddler in a big girl bed. Even though she's fine in a crib at home, she's just too big for the pack-n-play she usually sleeps in here.

Getting her into the bed wasn't too traumatic, and she slept for about 7 hours with no problem. By 3, she was up and in my bed with Sean and me.

Problem was, there's not really room for three of us, so around 4, I convinced her to go back to her toddler bed.

With her 5 1/2 month preggers mama.

Any advice from the masses on how to have a smooth(er) transition? We're pretty clueless...

And sore.

Friday Giggles

Friday Giggles

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