I Love Two.

My girl is going to be two on Sunday.



Man, did that fly!

A few selected=

I love two. I really do. What a fantastic age. She has strong opinions on dressing herself (which in and of itself gives me tons of belly laughter), speaks in full sentences and plays a terrible, but hilarious game of hide & seek. I love that I can understand her now. I love that she asks for sugar on everything.


I love that she knows all the characters on all her favorite shows and says "Ernie" with a French accent. aaiiiirrrr-NEE!

I love that she equates the back yard with nakedness. Summer clothes for babies are so unnecessary.

Apparently our backyard is a nudist resort.

It's getting easier these last few months. And thank God because 18-21 months was ROUGH--she could move around as much as she wanted, understood a lot of what we were saying, but couldn't communicate what she wanted well.

It was like living with an underachieving foreign exchange student with ADHD.

Then I got another positive pregnancy test and thought, "oh MAN, what in the world did we sign up for?!" But now, now I think we can handle two. Two kids, and a two year-old. It's pretty awesome, and I think we're doing alright.

Hallelujah...we have AC!

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