Here Comes Peter Cottontail

Here Comes Peter Cottontail

I just have to share this adorable little bunny rabbit softie that I whipped up for my girl recently. The pattern is amazing. I found it at The Mary Frances Project and couldn't be more pleased with the directions..and the results! My amazing mom bought me a new sewing machine. Because she rocks. My old one was a wreck, tangling up my threads, etc. I was missing pieces of it, and it could only do two stitches and one speed. My new little dreamer, while still a modest, entry-level machine, has all sorts of lovely bells and whistles.

My favorite? I can control the speed! That was really super helpful in navigating all the curves and puffy bunny appendages. Also helpful since I can't sew a straight line on my own.

Anyway, I wanted to throw a quick post out there to encourage you all to go download and enjoy the pattern, making your own softies in time for Easter. This little guy is going into my girl's Easter basket. And the Easter basket itself? That's this weekend's sewing project. { squee! }

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