Hallelujah...we have AC!

I have never lived in a house with central air conditioning. Growing up, we didn't even have a window unit in our house. We'd go to the neighbor's house on really miserably hot days and sit in my friend's mom's bedroom all day long. Heat never bothered me too much. In fact, I loved it. But the past two or three years have been brutal. And this muggy, pregnant summer has been the worst. I swear my body temperature is roughly 346.8 degrees.

I've seriously considered asking my midwives if it's possible for a 35 year-old to be both pregnant and menopausal at the same time.

Sean and I decided last week to take the plunge and get central air, figuring it might help us to feel more motivated to do things if we aren't weighed down by rising temps and oppressive humidity.

Today it was installed by an amazing crew from Beverly Services and I already feel like a new woman. It cost us next year's tax refund, and I couldn't be more proud of the way we spent the money we don't yet have.

I'm positive it's going to help me keep the house cleaner, as we'll feel more motivated and less wiped out by the heat. But now that it's installed, I think there will be some other positive results. Here are a few of my predictions:

  • I think we'll all lose weight
  • I think we'll be happier and be able to agree on a wall color
  • I might also get a raise because of better sleep and increased productivity
  • my hair will probably cooperate more
  • Sean's goatee might be less patchy
  • the iToddler will start eating her vegetables
  • our car will get better mileage
  • our neighborhood will have greener grass and longer blooms on the trees
  • that lady at work who hates my uterus will bake me brownies
  • and Sean's job will be converted to one with steady hours

...all because of central air. Mark. My. Words.

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