FB Giveaway: Mama's Favorite Things, Part 1

Start the week off right with a little salty chocolately goodness. I have two new favorite things. Birkenstocks and new Pretzel M&Ms. Birks make my poor aching plantar fasciitis feet feel happy again for the first time in months. Not to be outdone, new Pretzel M&Ms make my soul happy.

Amen, and amen.

Because it's Monday, and because my friend Ken hand-delivered my first bag of Pretzel M&Ms to my desk today after I begged all of Facebook to tell me where I could find them, and because they are cheaper than German corkbed sandals, and because I'm feeling both sweet and salty today, I'm giving away 5 individual bags of new Pretzel M&Ms on my Facebook page.

I am giving away these:

Start the week off right with a little salty chocolately goodness.

Okay, are we clear now?


So how do you get in on this little giveaway of goodness? Hop on over to my Facebook page and become a fan (or like me or whatever they're calling it these days). Then, click on the Discussions tab and under "I Embarrassed My Parents When...", tell the funniest story you have of a time when you mortified your poor parents (or grandparents or whomever took care of you most of the time).

Funniest story wins 3 single-serving bags and 2 runners-up will each win 1 bag. U.S. and APO addresses only. I'm too poor to mail a bag of M&Ms overseas.

I'll judge sometime on Wednesday, so get your entries in before I wake up Wednesday morning.

Warning: there are already stories about diapering cats and praying for people with herpes, so I suggest you gather your very best material!!!

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