Drama Queen

I guess you could say she gets it honestly, although I truly hate to admit it. But our little girl certainly knows how to put on a show. And it's really, really hard to not laugh, honestly. Example.

Tonight, our little drama queen started pushing buttons on all the electronics and Sean firmly told her "no, no." Her response? She calmly walked to the middle of the floor, assumed child's pose, grunted, and proceeded to bang her head against the floor three times. No tears, no bruised noggin, just three head bangs and then she moved on.


Another family favorite is how she likes to play-act the things that frustrate her in real life. One I caught recently on camera involves the grocery cart. She HATES sitting a grocery cart. I mean, can you blame her? All those bright colors and promises of fun surrounding you and you have to stay strapped into a rolling prison?


So one day, after a particularly long day of shopping, we come home and she's absolutely fine. Laughing, playing, the whole nine yards. And then she pushes her play cart into the dining room, climbs in, and proceeds to start bawling.

Wailing and gnashing of teeth.

Again, hilarious. And pretty much the cutest misery I've ever seen. I love her so much.

And with that, I leave you for the weekend. Enjoy the sun if you have it, and naps if you have rain. :)

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