Did You Know?

Ever noticed that little list of links over there to the right? -----> Well I read a lot of blogs. A LOT.

And sometimes I run across posts or recipes or ideas and something that I think you guys will really love. So I click the cute little "Share" icon in my Google Reader and off it goes to my website, for all of you to see.

You can also click the "Read More..." link and go right over to my master Google page to see all of the things I've ever shared. It's a cumbersome listing (I kind of expect more from you, Google)...not even a search...but there are some good gems out there.

So there you have it, maybe you learned something today. Or were reminded of something. Or maybe you're disappointed in this post because it's boring, in which case I give you this to make up for it:

Why I Chose: A "Thirty-One" Party

Weighing In: why PNC is responsible for my muffintop

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