Crusty Baby, Meet the BabyShrink

Have I told you all about I've tweeted about it and posted on Facebook, but I don't think I've said anything about it here. And what a shame because it's totally my new go-to site for all things toddler that leave me scratching my head.

And there are a LOT of those things. :: scratch scratch ::

So a few weeks ago, Dr. Heather (the BabyShrink in question) hosted a contest for the person with the biggest current parenting crisis and the winner won a 30-minute parent coaching session with her via Skype (the poor dear lives in Hawaii, let's all peek our heads out from our Snuggies and make sad pity faces). Anyhoo she had a bunch of entries and she ended up awarding two winners. And I was one!

Well, my crusty, dirty, toddler was. But she'll be asleep during our Skype session.

So I won. Meeeeeeee!!!!!

The challenge that I presented to Dr. Heather was about the iToddler's sudden and now long-lasting fear of baths. In fact, I actually found Dr. Heather when googling "why does my toddler hate baths?" And lo and behold, there she was. So while we're going back and forth trying to figure out a good time to chat, she sends me an 18-page email (not really, but close enough) with all kinds of ideas to get started.

Because she's awesome like that.

And we've tried some of her suggestions, because if there's one thing my kiddo is not afraid of, it's getting messy.

Some suggestions we've tried with success. Like letting her play outside the tub while I wipe her distracted body down.

Some we're probably not going to try. Like letting her play nekked in water a few times a day. Because we live in Pittsburgh and it's, like, almost winter n'at.

But near the end of the email, she was summing things up and made this absolutely wonderful insight:

"This is a normal parenting challenge for this age, and it's important to think long-term: This is about how you tackle interesting problems in your family and with her development. This isn't the first (or the last) weird parenting thing she'll present you with. A calm, thoughtful, flexible and optimistic attitude will set a great foundation for the next kooky thing she does ;)  And she'll start to internalize the notion that 'mom and dad can help me get through scary things in a good way.' Very valuable opportunity." ~ Dr. Heather

Recently, the kiddo started utterly melting down when I leave the room, and has shown really a really strong preference toward me. Poor Sean. When I'm around, he's like chopped liver. So forget Google...this time I went straight to And yep, she's talked about that too.

So now I feel normal. And that feels wonderful.

So far, Dr. Heather and I haven't found a time to Skype, but when we do, I'll be sure to blog all about it. And she will be doing the same. It'll be good fun for all.

And maybe, just maybe, I'll have an honest-to-goodness clean toddler. You know, by the time she's 3?

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