Completing Him, Week 4: Admire Your Husband

Week 4 of the Completing Him Challenge is all about admiring your husband. Now THAT is something I can do super easily. Here are a few (okay, 20+) reasons I admire my husband. This list is by no means exhaustive.

he loves the Lord and got baptized in the same lake where i had been a few years earlier.

he's got the best smile and when he laughs, everything in my world is alright.

he loves my crazy family as much as i do.

he'll do things that he really really doesn't want to do, if i really really want to do them.

he's ridiculously hot. just. wow. he will always make my toes curl.

he's incredibly, madly, completely and awesomely in love with our little girl.

we have exactly the same sense of humor.

he is the most attentive, nurturing dad i've ever seen in my life.

he's got mad handyman skills and looks wicked hot in a sleeveless t-shirt.

he looks into a frozen river on january 1 and laughs. and then jumps in. fearless.

he totally puts up with my over-the-top manic silly side.

and isn't afriad to play along.

he's the hardest working man i know, and never complains.

he goes along enthusiastically with (most of) my silliest ideas.

he is the best cuddler.

he timed every contraction for 27 hours. well, almost.

he poses enthusiastically in the homemade snuggie i made him.

he endures endless goffing off on my part while he tried to complete home improvement projects.

he exceeds the average height of a man born in the caveman days.

he values the things i make for him. photo courtesy of captivating imagery.

he picks out the Christmas dresses all by himself. and it was his idea.

on our babycation, he took awesoem pictures of the panda bear i desperately wanted to see, but was too short to catch a glimpse.

And last, but certainly not least, he's my best friend and I'm one very lucky woman to have snatched him up almost 7 years ago.

How about you? I'd love to hear what you admire about your husband. Let's take some time this week to praise our men at the city gates. And don't forget to tell him just how awesome you think he is. It will mean more to him than you'll ever know.

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