Completing Him Challenge: Week 3

This is week three of the 8-week challenge, and as Courtney from Women Living Well says, this is where the hard work begins. Commit today to pray for your husband every day this week. If you have a copy of The Power of a Praying Wife, that's a great resource to get started.

Courtney has provided a list of ways you can pray for your man, including his job, his finances, his integrity and his fears. You can find the full list here. With 30 items and 7 days, I am committing to pray for 4-5 of these things for Sean each day. Instead of doing it during my quiet time, I'm going to join together with him and pray with him wherever he is.

Also, be sure to ask your husband each morning if he has any specific ways you can be praying for him that day, and begin to make prayer for your best friend a habit. Use your wedding ring as a reminder. Each time you look at it, pray for him.

Enough talk about prayer. Sean is starting to doze off...I'm going to get in there and do it.

I'd love to hear about ways you make prayer a priority in your life, especially because it's one of those disciplines I really struggle with. This week is going to be really good for us. :)

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