Can We All Just Agree to Be Kind to Moms?

Can We All Just Agree to Be Kind to Moms?

I'm not asking that the world bow down to moms, or that we should get everything we want. I'm not trying to come across as self-entitled or anything else.

But really, when you see a mom struggling in public, is it too hard to offer her a hand, or even just an encouraging word?

Is it too hard to NOT park in the "new moms" parking spots?

Does it profit anyone anything at all to declare your own annoyance when her stroller gets in your way at the store?

Is it absolutely necessary for you to make judgement calls on her character when you catch a snapshot of her day, + it's less than graceful?

When her child screams in the middle of church + runs away from her, does it improve upon the situation to scowl at her for disturbing you?

Do we really need to judge her by her hair, her clothes, her weight, her job, her schedule, her lateness, her temper, her talents, her forgetfulness or her children?

All I'm asking, is let's all give moms a little bit of grace. Yes, we are all facing a hard battle, day to day, but moms are facing those battles head-on while carrying the weight of the entire future covered in stickiness and tantrums...and all while juggling their own wacky hormones in the process.

So let's all be kind to each other.

And the next time you see a frazzled mom, jump in and help.


Especially! Especially if you're a mom yourself. Please don't forget how hard things can be, even if your kids now have kids of their own.

Your 2-minute investment of kindness into her day might be just what she needs to experience God's grace and mercy in her otherwise chaotic life.

Disclaimer: I don't know who did that artwork above. If you know the source, please let me know so I can properly credit it. Also, be kind to everyone. We're all in this life together.

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