Bunny Will Miss the Burgh (spoiler alert: mush within)

Tomorrow's a big day for Bunny. We've got lots of pictures left to take to finish up the iToddler's Christmas book "Bunny in the Burgh". There's the zoo, the nationality rooms, where we got married, Station Square, and about a dozen other stops. Should be a fun day, and it will be nice to have the fam together with no working on a weekend day. In a previous post, I mentioned that life was a little chaotic for us because we're relocating out of Pittsburgh...actually, out of Pennsylvania altogether.

Here's the scoop. I'm an only child and my parents live in Maryland, and now that they're getting older and health issues are starting to creep up on them, Sean and I decided that it was time we packed up the fam and moved south of the Mason-Dixon. We've actually been thinking about this for a few years, but a cancer scare with my dad this past Spring really sealed the deal. Family has to come first, so we're heading out to help them take care of their land and live independently for as long as possible. While we're definitely excited about the fresh start, we're also nervous, sad, and unsure about so many details. It's not going to be easy, but it's most definitely the right thing to do.

So now, boxes are being packed, bosses have been notified, and home improvements are in full swing. My parents are leaving town tomorrow with a truck full of boxes from our third floor. Yep, we're heading south. And east. Sometime next Spring (house goes on the market in March).

It's a big deal for us. Our closest friends are all here. Heck, Pittsburgh is all Sean has ever known. 31 years of the world's best skyline and the friendliest people you will ever meet. And I've been here for { gulp } 18 years.

That can't be right. I can't be that old. { checks calendar and high school diploma } Um, yeah. 18 years.

And then there are the Steelers. We're leaving Steelers Country. This is an enormous deal for die-hard black and gold fans. See, here in Pittsburgh, it's not at all unusual to see our hometown heroes out and about all over town. They're our neighbors. We say hi passing them in Sam's Club or Target or Home Depot. We smile and say hi when eating in the same local restaurants. It's more than just football. Being a Steelers fan is about being part of community.

And I won't EVEN go into the fact that we're leaving Steelers Country for the Ravens Nest.

{ Ugh. }

But it doesn't matter. Wherever we go, we'll always be fans of the six-time Superbowl champs. We'll spend the extra money to get the NFL Sunday Ticket and we'll never miss a game. We'll befriend local fans and have them over for game day. We'll wear our jerseys and our Terrible Towels with pride and will walk with heads held high and proud in a sea of purple and black. Because all roads lead back to the Burgh.

Even ones that start by the Atlantic Ocean.

And Bunny, yes Bunny will also always be a Steelers fan. The iToddler doesn't know this yet (and please don't spill the beans), but Bunny snuck away on Wednesday of this week and met up with her new football buddies at the Steelers practice field. Don't believe me? Check out this picture. Yes, that handsome, smiley man there is none other than #25, Ryan Clark (FS), who was kind enough to let Bunny hang out with him for an hour or two and even introduced her to a bunch of his friends.

#25, Ryan Clark ... a really, really good sport.

She came back from her little outing with not one, not two, but twelve (!) pictures of herself with different grinning football players, getting ready for their morning practice. Because Ryan is pretty much the nicest guy with the biggest heart ever (next to my hubs, of course). Just sayin'.

Be jealous of Bunny. (I am.)

So as we prepare our hearts to leave the city that will always be "home", it's occurred to Sean and me that this Christmas book for iToddler is really more than just a fun little souvenir to remember a place we used to live. It's an autobiography of our lives in an incredible place our hearts will always swell for. It's a reminder of what makes Pittsburgh special.

It's all about the people, building a beautiful city, one incredible act of friendship and generosity at a time.

God bless the Three Rivers.


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