A Most Happy Day

I have officially underestimated the power of a Facebook birthday greeting. And en masse, I am overwhelmed and totally feeling the love. Then there was the work love. A hilarious card, a festively decorated cube:

and some incredibly thoughtful gifts from my awesome boss, including this:

There were phone calls from my parents, including a singing voicemail from my daddy that I will probably never, ever erase.

There were amazingly generous gift cards to B & H Photo so I could buy an awesome new lens for my camera.

There were brownies for breakfast and a delicious cake from the best bakery in the world during my church home group (thanks, Brigitte and Derek!!!).

There was the surprise that my hubs took the whole weekend off work just to spend time with me (this made me cry). So we're going to a baseball game with friends Friday night, out to my favorite Mediterranean restaurant on Saturday night with friends and having a little tailgate fun at our place on Sunday with still more friends.

But here's perhaps the thing that made my cheeks hurt the most. Sean took the iToddler to Target to pick out a birthday gift for me and let her pick everything out.

First in the bag :: a small, lighted jack-o-lantern
Then :: a 1971 gold Maverick Grabber Matchbox car
Then :: a plastic panda bear
Then :: a bag of caramel apple Hershey's kisses
Then :: a piña colada car air freshener
And finally :: a small baby doll of indiscernible race

Let me say that in seven years of knowing Sean, I have never, ever seen him laugh so hard that he hyperventilated and had to get a towel to wipe the tears from his eyes.

Seriously, never.

But this did it:

Funniest birthday present. Ever. On a most happy day.

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