A Little Bit of Everything, A Whole Lot of Update

A Little Bit of Everything, A Whole Lot of Update

Sweet mercy has life been zooming by quickly. They tell you it will. All of them. They all say it.

They are not lying.

We have two kids now. Two. One is 2 1/2 years and one is almost 3 month old. Is that crazy? When did this happen? And somehow, I'm actually NOT completely freaked out by adding to our brood.


Never mind i'll be {gasp} FORTY in like 3 1/2 years. The way I see it, I have 2 1/2 years to enjoy this beautiful chaos and then we can decide if we want to dive back into newborn land. We're pretty chill about it, actually.

Guess it's a good thing I didn't make the hubs get the big snip-snip last year when we hit our insurance out-of-pocket maximum.

Anyhoo, so we've had some pretty remarkable changes happening. Sean, who had been at his job for 10 years, QUIT and became the world's most rockin' stay-at-home dad. Seriously, you can not even {in your wildest of wild dreams} imagine how perfectly suited this man is for the task of home management and cat-herding child raising.

Example: We've lived in this house more than 5 years with not even the remotest semblance of organization or order. Within ONE MONTH

one month, people!

he had the entire house organized, systems for everything, laundry caught up, dishes always done, diapers washed and folded every other day, house always cleaned, etc.

mind. blown.

And not to be bored now that he has effectively done away with my need for a housekeeper (thanks, babe), he's moved onto the task of pacifier elimination and potty training. He has the girl child cleaning up her messes, limiting screen time, and the best part?

I get to see my beautiful girl's smile every day WITHOUT A PACIFIER!

So yeah, he pretty much rocks. I mean, we have no money. Like less than none. But life is beautiful.

Now that life has finally started to look more like the "after" picture instead of the "before" one, I get to do all sorts of fun things. Life sewing and cooking and PLAYING WITH MY CHILDREN! It's been a very good thing.

We started a clean eating pact in the house and our health is improving more and more every day (more on that in another post). Since Sean's not working outside the house anymore, we enjoy family and fun-filled weekends together.

I barely recognize us, actually. We're...refreshed.


I feel like there's so much more to update you on, but that's enough, right? The iToddler has been providing a ton of wonderful laughs and funny stories, which are soon to come your way too, so stay tuned.


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